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Clubwear Creation:

Club wear is provocative, violent or attractive clothing worn by a drink code in a very relaxed sensual atmosphere nightclub. There are various kinds of clothing that can be worn in clubs, based on club location, club dress code, weather etc.

American and British club wear usually consists of tattoos, white gloves, boiler suits, romper, bikini set, high visibility vest and pants, fluffy feet leg warmers and more. This type of club wear is usually found in night clubs devoted to rave and dance events, love dance music.

The fundamental words "club" and "wear" say something about the origin of this term. Obviously, this term is closely related to clubs and apparel. These two words tied together produced a commonly known term club wear. It may seem to be enough to understand, but still many questions remain. The word "club" is used in many contexts in our words. There are many types of clubs, such as cigar clubs, night clubs, sports clubs, clubs where women dance in erotic ways. Thus, this term can refer to garments that can be worn when attending a cigar bar or playing at a rugby match. 0
  • November 23, 2016
  • Supattra Moksiri
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